Honor Residents -- Honoring each resident's individuality enhances his/her quality of life.  Within ability-centered care, the resident's strengths can still be identified and supported.


Preserving Dignity - Each resident will experience relative well-being and shall continue to know that he or she is a respected individual.


Protecting Privacy - StoneyBrook is committed to respecting the privacy and discretion of each resident.


Encouraging Independence - StoneyBrook encourages residents to make their own choices.  After all, it's their life, and it's their home.


Nurturing Spirit - Daily life care can become a ministry in the hands of compassionate caregivers.  The resident's sense of self is honored as they feel in control.


Continual Training - The staff and their skills are challenged as they receive intensive, continuing education to enrich our day-to-day implementation of 'Activities of Life'.


Principles of - "Activities of Life"

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